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About Us

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Handcrafted. Locally Sourced. Contemporary Mead.

Apis Mead & Winery brings you a contemporary take on one of man’s oldest fermented beverages.
Mead – (sometimes called honey wine) has been enjoyed by many for centuries.

Our handcrafted mead is made exclusively with Bedillion honey Farm Honey in Hickory, PA and captures Pennsylvania’s native honey flavors without being too sweet.

Every bottle you purchase has been cared for from start to finish. it all starts with the brewing. We brew our mead in small batches and start with the basics: honey, water, yeast. Add in some fruits, spices, and hops for fun, we now offer 50+ meads to satisfy everyone’s palate. Once the batches are finished brewing, they are then individually bottled, labeled, waxed sealed, and are ready to be enjoyed by you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of our meads Gluten free?
Yes, All of the meads we make are gluten free. Everything we make is from Fresh Fruit, locally sourced honey and sometimes Herbs, spices or hops none of which contain gluten.
What States do you Ship to?
We currently ship to 39 states which are:


* All Packages must be signed for upon delivery by someone 21 & over
Why can't all of our products be shipped out of state?
Some of our products are very limited and may sell out immediately if they were to be shipped Country wide. in some instances certain products may be unavailable due to individual state laws. 
Do we rent out our space or host private events?
Unfortunately No. we have tried in the past and it's just not our thing. Our open hours are a guarantee to our customers that we will be there when we say we will be there and therefore we cannot close for private functions.
Why have we chosen to be a 21 & over only facility?
We intend to create a relaxing adult oriented atmosphere and feel like we just don't offer much for the kiddos. We understand that some customers may not like this policy and we apologize in advance for that, however the majority of our patrons do like our child-free policy and relaxing atmosphere.
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